So, where were we with our story? Oh yes. The fairy tale of a real life professional mermaid just began. And it was full of splashing and sparkling. And it was full of ancient depths and waves of tomorrow. Full of a rich variety of ‘’tailor – made’’ entertainment acts for each diverse occasion you might have (parties, galas, advertising purposes etc). Elfie the mermaid, can transform your event into an extra-ordinary wet, dry or air performance which you will never forget. Can you feel the breeze of the ocean while she is in the room? Can you taste the salt while she is doing her magic?
Yes, you can.

Let the rhythms of the sea lead you, let Elfie the mermaid dance your way to the night sky.

Look down and observe the divine mysteries of the water. Can you feel it?
Yes, you can. And she can.

And we all lived happily ever after!

Real life mermaid performing

Mermaid Show